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20q game is the 2005 runner up "Game of the Year" and "Most Innovative Toy of the Year" award winner. Think of a word. Any word. The Radica 20q game will guess what it is in 20 questions or less. Using artificial intelligence, this brilliant little device analyzes your answers to figure out what you're thinking with astounding accuracy. 20q game is small and easy to carry, it's a terrific travel companion.


"The 20 Questions Ball is the most addictive toy I have ever purchased" - S. Taylor, Seattle, WA

Nominee Award Winner for Game of the Year

Radica's 20q game is among the most amazing and enjoyable gadgets I've come across in quite a while. Its success rate is astounding. It's not hard to baffle it if you pick something totally obscure, but I've found it's more fun to lose to the machine than to win. Among the disparate things it's beat me on are: birthday cake, pirate, badger, oven, buffalo, carrot, fan, lion, key and flashlight.

"I bought the 20q Game for all the kids Birthday gifts." - A. Reidling, Chicago, IL

I gave several as gifts before I picked up 20q game for myself (you can only play with one in the store for so long before the clerks start glaring at you), and I expect Santa will be giving away a few this December. My 4-year-old son enjoys playing with 20q, too - I read off the questions and help him think through the answers (he knew a lion was dangerous right off, we had to discuss whether they're brown or yellow).

We take 20q game to nearly every party we attend, figuring it'll liven things up, if needed...and it works like a charm everytime, sparking conversations and amazed laughter.
Lets face it - some parties rock, others are just plain dull. People click or they don't, the food is so-so...and you stand there, wondering WHEN you can politely leave. But with 20q game, you have an automatic conversation starter and there are few people who don't want to try and stump it (most won't succeed). Lat time we used it at a rather staid gathering and before long, people were chattering away, hovering around this gizmo, offering suggestions, "Try this word"...etc. Kids, of course, love it too...when they get a chance at it.

"The 20q Electronic Game is a freaky little ball and I love it." - K. Whiting, Yuma, AZ

A friend showed me the 20q electronic game that will tell you what you are thinking by asking 20 questions. "Right" I thought. So I gave it a shot. It not only got my first 3 guesses right, but it also got another guess that freaked me out! I was thinking of BLOOD and I decided to use the Mineral category. I don't know if I thought I would fool the 20q hand held game, or if I really thought it would be considered more of a mineral than an "other". When that ball told me I was thinking of BLOOD, I gave the ball back to my friend and told her the 20q game was "evil!!" and to not show it to me ever again. OK, so 5 minutes later I was playing with it. The 20 questions game is addicting. I got one for my parents and my brother and they are also getting a kick out of it. I will tell you what I have to keep reminding my mother... be very literal in your answers. Example: when I showed my mom the BLOOD word, one of the questions was "can you give it as a gift" and she wanted to say "yes" because you DO give blood and it IS the "gift of life". I had to tell her to think more like, would you wrap it up and say "Happy Birthday" to someone with this item?
The fun part for me is NOT to try and stump the ball, but to actually have it guess my words. I keep one in the bathroom (in lieu of a book or magazine..... you know...) and I was goofing around and decided to see if it could guess "number 2" (in little kid potty language). It did. Freaky Evil Ball. I LOVE IT!

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